Caron Pois De Senteur - Ženska parfemska voda

Caron Pois De Senteur - Eau de Parfum Woman Fragrance

Caron Narcisse Blanc - Ženska parfemska voda

Caron Narcisse Blanc - Eau de Parfum Woman Fragrance

Caron Rose Ivoire - Eau de Parfum Woman Fragrance


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"I gave a modern and unexpected twist to the delicious Turkish rose thanks to the fresh spicy note of white pepper." Jean JACQUES, CARONs in-House perfumer Rose Ivoire, is a true CARON concentrate. The encounter between our favourite flower and another ingredient that is very dear to us: pepper. Forget your grandmother’s pompous roses! Floral and lemony, our For Life certified Turkish rose essence, embodies the outstanding quality of our ingredients. While the white pepper accord, custom-made by Jean JACQUES, embodies our boundless creativity. For the finishing touches, iris and ambrette seed concretes envelop the fragrance in a cottony cloud of powdery and musky notes, while pink and black pepper illuminate this characterful rose. Crystalline Rose Ivoire is both subtle and powerful…but always light. In a couple of words? Ultra contemporary!
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Brand Caron
Gender Woman
Baza (base note) White musk
Srce (middle note) Iris, Turkish rose
Glava (top note) White pepper
Fragrance floral, musky
Product type Eau de Parfum
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Caron was born from a singular vision. That of Ernest DALTROFF, an exceptionally open-minded man with unlimited curiosity and exceptional sensitivity. Having become a perfumer thanks to his love for flowers, he let his experience of the world inhabit his soul. As for Félicie WANPOUILLE, she was gifted with an extraordinary intuition. A new duo Even today, Caron vision opens the way for generous and singular creations driven by a stunning tandem: Ariane de ROTHSCHILD and Jean JACQUES. She’s a seasoned businesswoman and a tireless traveler and he’s an energetic designer, a talented perfumer, and a music fanatic. Two passionate spirits, curious about everything and fiercely independent…