Costume National

Minimal, Chic and Rock'n'Roll.

About Costume National brand

Costume National is an Italian fashion brand that was founded by two young Japanese designers. This brand was founded as a result of the fusion of two fashion cultures, pretty far away from each other - Japanese with its minimalism and Italian culture which offers a flawless quality.

The Italian house Costume Nationale represents a perfect blend of simplicity with a strong dose of luxury, so it is no wonder that these perfumes exude refined elegance and the modern style of today.

Costume National - Minimalism, chic, and rock&roll

Costume National perfumes pay homage to the luxurious simplicity, packed into a small bottle, specially designed to give the impression of practicality as well as luxury. The fragrances of the perfume of this Italian brand remind of the most intriguing contrast of purity and mystery.

The blend of pure elements and fragrant notes like floral, spicy, and woody tones can easily intrigue the human senses, helping Costume National fragrances knock you off your feet with only one breath.

Open your senses with only one drop of Costume National perfumes for men and women and steal the show wherever you go.


,,I am delighted with the citrus base notes of Costume National perfume, they are very durable on the skin and I am happily wearing them for years.‘’Sanja Perić, Beograd
,,I like the minimalist design of the bottle the most, the quality is packaged in this simplicity of perfume… I have been using Scent for over ten years.‘’Milan Dodić, Novi Sad
,,Bergamot is my favorite fruit, therefore Costume National is my favorite perfume house.‘’Ivana Minić

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