Perfume of the past, fragrance of the future.

About Creed brand

Perfume house Creed was founded in London by James Henry Creed in 1760 and has been passed down for generations ever since. After almost a hundred years, the house of Creed moved to Paris, where its headquarters are still located today. From the beginning of its establishment until today, Creed has preserved the family tradition and family business of the company.

Creed is known for making luxury perfumes for kings and members of the aristocracy. Using its own essence and traditional creation techniques, Creed has been providing top quality and authentic fragrances for many years.

Creed prefers high quality natural raw materials to synthetic alternatives. In addition to the recognizable perfume fragrances for women and men, the house Creed also produces fragrant baths, soaps, and aftershave lotions and balms.

Creed - Perfume from the paste, fragrance for the future

Inspired by art and perfection, the perfume house Creed has created a legacy of unmatched fragrance, which is appreciated by all perfume connoisseurs. Over the centuries, Creed has produced over two hundred perfumes of different fragrances, which testify to the unique and creative spirit that has been passed down from nose to nose throughout several generations of the Creed family.

The creators of the enchanting Creed perfumes, travel the world to find the finest materials for their perfumes. They collect the best from various parts of the world, so it is not surprising that Creed perfumes for women and men, like all other Creed house products, take your breath away with just one scent.

The Creed brand symbolizes the art of perfume making. In the sea of irresistible scents, find the one that best suits your spirit, and shine with luxurious Creed perfumes and other products anytime, anywhere.


,,It is enough to say Creed Aventus. It is my favorite perfume for a good ten years. I got it as a gift from a friend And I never took it off again.‘’Srđan Tomić, Beograd
,,Silver Mountain Water is my favorite perfume, but also my husband favorite perfume. It is amazing how Creed unisex perfumes react differently on men's and women's skin.‘’Tijana Stoisavljević, voditeljka
,,Antique scents of the modern age. It takes you back to some lordly times, where gentlemen conquered ladies with their scents - just like I won my wife.‘’Filip Arsenijević

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