Complaint Policy




Dear Customers, if you want to make a complaint regarding the delivered package and products, feel free to contact us. We strive to resolve any shortcomings without delay and in your favor. It is in our common interest to answer all your questions as soon as possible so that solving your problem does not take longer than anticipated.

We are at your disposal at any time.


What is a complaint and what are the reasons for filing a Complaint?

A complaint is a legally regulated procedure for resolving customer complaints due to defects in the delivered product. If there is a manufacturing defect in the product you have ordered and picked up (e.g., defective perfume spraying equipment) or a hidden defect (e.g., altered chemical properties of the product) and when this defect makes it difficult or impossible for you to use the product in the usual way, you have the right to file a complaint to Belodore, in order to eliminate this shortcoming. If the inappropriateness occurs within six months from the date of acceptance, the inappropriateness shall be presumed to have existed at the time the risk was transferred, unless this is contrary to the type of conduit and nature of the inappropriateness or the seller proves otherwise. The reason for the complaint may be the discrepancy between the delivered and ordered product.


What is not considered a reason for filing a Complaint?

The defect in the product occurred after the delivery, as a consequence of your action or accident, or the risk of accidental failure or damage to the product after the product is handed over to the consumer or a third party determined by the consumer, is the responsibility of the customer, and this is not a reason to complain.
If the defect is insignificant, i.e., if there is a defect in the delivered product, but it does not affect the usability of the product in the usual way, your complaint will not be accepted. Regarding the durability, fragrant notes, and intensity of perfume products, and having in mind the features of online shopping, we recommend that you, before buying any of the perfume products, try the product in one of our stores. The safest way to make the right choice of perfume product is to apply the product tester to the skin and find out how it reacts in contact with the features of your skin in a certain period of time. The persistence, fragrant note, and intensity of the scent largely depend on the interaction of the perfume formula with the features of your skin and is individual. If the tester of the product available in our stores and the product itself do not differ on a neutral basis ("bloter"), your complaint will be rejected as unfounded. If the product is good: The Customer can file a complaint against a product that works in accordance with its regular purpose and is in accordance with everything agreed, but such a complaint will be rejected.


Filing a Complaint

Please inspect the package carefully in front of the courier immediately upon delivery. It is particularly important that you immediately report any damage caused during transport and visible on the packaging to the courier who delivered the goods to
you. We take responsibility for defects that may occur during delivery, as well as for defects that may appear on the product in the next period of 6 months. We are not responsible for new defects due to improper use of the product - damage caused by improper use. We are not responsible for any defects caused by the frequency of use of the product. In the case of products with a specified expiry date, we are responsible for ensuring that the product will be usable in the specified period.
Please do not destroy or dispose of any product you suspect is defective before contacting us. This may affect the filing of a complaint to which you are entitled. 

We would like to warn you of the fact that increased sensitivity or allergic reaction to the delivered product cannot be considered a defect in the product. Similarly, a defect on a tester, gratis product, or products that are free or that you have not ordered cannot be taken into consideration when making a complaint.
Product images on our Webshop are posted for illustration purposes and do not represent a mandatory display of product features (for  example, product packaging may be different if the manufacturer wants to change it).


Your rights during the complaint process

We hope you will enjoy your order. However, if you have received the order and after opening the shipment found that the delivered goods do not match the order or the information on the invoice is not correct, you reserve the right to eliminate defects by replacing the product or compensation.
If we find the elimination of the defect not possible or inappropriate, you are entitled to a discount on the amount paid. In that case, the product would stay with you, and we would refund part of the amount paid. In the case of major defects, you reserve the right to terminate the sales agreement. In that case, you would send the product back to us, and we would refund the total amount paid for the product. The costs incurred on the basis of the complaint shall be borne by the Seller.


You can cancel the contract if you inform us about this decision by calling the phone number: +381/60-6447-189 or e-mail: no later than 7 working days from the date of delivery.


Filing a Complaint

When filing a complaint, you can send the product with the completed complaint form to the address: Tošin bunar 54 or e-mail: You can download the complaint form (Complaint sheet) here. In case you fill in the form without the help of our customer support, you must state what the product defect is, or how the defect occurs, as well as the way you want to resolve your complaint.


The decision on the filed Complaint

You will be notified in writing to your e-mail about the processing of the complaint, receipt, resolution, or non-acceptance of the complaint. If necessary, we can contact you by phone.

The decision on the complaint is made as soon as possible. The deadline for responding to the complaint is 8 days, and the deadline for resolving the complaint from the moment of application is 15 days. Otherwise, you reserve the right to terminate the purchase agreement.

If, due to objective reasons, we are unable to accommodate your request within the prescribed timeframe, we will inform you of the extension of the deadline for resolving the complaint and the deadline in which we will resolve it, with your consent.
Extending the deadline for resolving complaints is possible only once.
The Seller's response to the Customer's complaint contains a decision on accepting the complaint, a statement on the consumer's request, and a specific proposal and deadline for resolving the complaint. The deadline cannot be longer than 15 days from the day of filing the complaint. 
If it is established that your complaint is justified, we will make a decision approving the complaint.


After accepting the complaint, in accordance with the legal norms, we will act as follows:

  • If possible, we will eliminate the defect on the product with your consent, and if the elimination of the defect is not possible or you do not accept it, we will replace the advertised product with the same product without defects,
  • If for some reason, we cannot replace your product, we will offer you another product of the same value or a more expensive product at an additional cost, or you can request a refund.


Please note that you have to respond within three days from the date of receipt of the seller's response at the latest, and if you do not respond within the specified time frame, it will be deemed that you do not agree to the seller's proposal.
If your complaint is not justified, we will return the product you complained about with the explained decision. In the case of rejection, you have the right to initiate an out-of-court resolution of the dispute initiated by your proposal submitted to the
Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, directly, by mail or electronically, which is conducted before the consumer dispute resolution bodies (the list available on the website of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications).

Belodore strives to meet the needs of its Customers by accepting the Complaints whenever possible, even when they are legally unfounded, in the desire that all our consumers are, above all, satisfied with the purchase in our sales chain. In addition to the best practice in the complaint procedure, we will highlight the most common reasons for your complaint not to be accepted: "Perfume is not permanent" Before buying any perfume product, we recommend that you try the product tester on your skin in one of our stores. Apply the product tester to the skin and find out how, in a certain time interval, it will react in contact with the features of your skin. The persistence, fragrant note, and intensity of the scent largely depends on the interaction with the features of your skin and is individual. If the tester of the product you tried before the purchase and the product itself does not differ on a neutral basis ("bloter"), your complaint will not be founded. If the defect is the result of your action, your complaint will be considered unfounded if, for example, the product has fallen and broken or been damaged. Individual reaction to the product if you did not point out a special sensitivity to the ingredients before buying, and the product is good. Pay special attention to the product declaration before purchase, and for all questions, dilemmas, and notes you can contact the seller.
NOTE: Please check all personal information, spelling and punctuation marks, as well as the use of uppercase and lowercase letters when filling out your order, otherwise we will not be able to accept a complaint based on incorrect user input.


Received Complaints log

Belodore keeps a record of received complaints for at least two years from the day of filing the Consumer's complaints and confirms the receipt of the complaint to the consumer electronically and announces the number under which the complaint is registered in the records of received complaints.
Records of received complaints are kept electronically and contain in particular data on the submitter and the complaint reception date, goods information, short description of inappropriateness and the request from the complaint, issuing date of confirmation of complaint reception, the decision on a response to a customer, date of delivery, the appropriate date of resolving agreed by the customer, the manner and the date of resolving the complaint, as well as the information on the extension of the deadline for resolving the complaint.
The person in charge of entering data in the records of received complaints with the Seller makes entries in these records and processes those personal data of the complainant that are necessary to achieve the purpose of entry in these records and complaints, namely the name and contact details of the submitter. The person in charge of entering data in these records, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection, previously notifies the submitter of the processing of such data and obtains valid consent for the processing of these data for the purpose of the complaint. The notification on the processing of personal data and the valid consent for processing are stated in the notes in the records on received  complaints.


Complaint Contact

We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding the procedure and processing of the complaint. You can send an inquiry to or call us at +381/60-6447-189.