Bond No.9

Making Scents of New York.

About Bond No.9 brand

The perfume house Bond No.9 was founded inspired by the capital of the world - New York. Bond No.9 was founded by Laurice Rahme in 2003. With her many-year experience and cooperation with various perfume houses, Laurice started her own perfume house devoted to New York and its scents, after the tragedy of 9/11.

The name Bond No. 9 comes from the street where the main shop of this brand is located - 9 Bond Street in the luxurious quarter of Noho. Perfume house Bond No. 9 has a great number of perfumes for men and women who want to feel the seductive scents of the Big Apple.

Bond No.9 - The irresistible scents of New York

Thanks to the combination of fragrant notes, Bond No.9 perfumes give the possibility to everyone to feel the scents of the most visited city in the world. Chinatown, Little Italy, New Haarlem, West Broadway, West Side, and Wall Street are just some of the parts of New York whose fragrances are packed into a small bottle of sensations of Bond No.9 perfume.

According to the woman who founded Bond No.9 the most difficult part was to create the scent of Chinatown because, in addition to being very colorful, the scents of this quart in New York hide the scent of their tradition in combination with modern and contemporary fragrant notes.

Bond No.9 fragrances have only one mission - to bring back the art to the perfumery and to pay homage to a diverse city giving each quarter in New York its own scented stamp. Feel the true New York with only one drop of any luxurious perfume from the perfume house Bond No.9.


,,It is enough to notice the perfect, extravagant bottles, and it will be clear to you that these are wonderful fragrant notes which I personally use and adore.‘’Jasmina Nikolić
,,I am a big fan of New York and America, and despite the fact that I am thrilled that every part of New York has its own perfume, the fragrant notes that these perfumes have are rare everywhere in the world.‘’Anita Ilić
,,My favorite perfume from Bond no.9 is Gold Coast. I adore the notes of watermelon in it and every time I wish I could go back to New York.‘’Milica Opačić

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