A fragrance is the bond between memory and smell.

About Ajmal brand

Perfume is all you need for time travel, that is the connection between your memories and fragrances - said Ajmal Ali, the founder of the Ajmal brand. Thanks to the vision and tireless commitment, Ajmal perfumes turned from a modest trading house to a corporate entity, worth several million dollars.

The family business is run by passion, so it is not a surprise that the Ajmal brand has successfully survived over the years. From the 1950s, when Ajmal started his journey in India up to now, this brand with the rich heritage has won the hearts of many women and men with its elegant and sophisticated perfumes.

Ajmal - Magic of the orient that still lasts

The brand was named after Ajman Ali, the founder of this luxury company. A farmer by profession, he started mixing perfume compositions in the 1950s and thus became one of the most successful fragrant oil distributors of the time. Ajmal’s journey started in Asam, India, the place well-known as the source of Agarwood, which is the most important oriental perfume’s ingredient. The focus of creating Ajmal products are oriental compositions of natural and synthetic ingredients. In cooperation with the French perfumers, you can feel the synthesis of Western and Eastern ingredients, with a clear emphasis on the oriental, which makes them easily recognizable. The success of the Ajmal brand has grown with incredible speed due to its uniqueness and commitment. Today, the headquarters of the Ajmal family business is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the luxurious products of the Ajmal house win various markets worldwide.

Ajmal - A pioneer in the online sale of perfumes in the Arab world

With the expansion of the seductive fragrances of the East, the brand Ajmal has opened its shops in every corner of the world, from its foundation up to now. That Ajman Ali is a real businessman is also confirmed by the fact that he is the first perfume manufacturer in the Arab world to launch online sales of his brand’s products. It is interesting that in 2001, the 50th anniversary of the brand was celebrated with two big events. However, 50 years of existence was celebrated with the launching of the luxurious perfume Ajmal by Ajmal that features sophisticated fragrant notes packed into the most elegant glass bottle made of Murano glass. Also, in the same year, the company entered the Guinness Book of Records because it designed the largest incense burner in the world. Ajmal offers a great range of unisex perfumes, intended for both ladies and gentlemen. Select the fragrant note from the Ajmal brand and enrich your life with seductive fragrances.


,,Since I love oriental scents, Ajmal has been my unmistakable choice for many years.‘’Nadežda Gavrić, Beograd
,,Every time I put it on myself I feel like I have traveled somewhere, Viola is their favorite perfume.‘’Dejana Ahmetović
,,I am a fan of Arab culture, and indeed their perfumes exude those old, mystical times of the Far East.‘’Bojan Dacović

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