The French Ambassador of Oud.

About Montale Parfums brand

The French ambassador of good fragrance

Perfume house Parfums Montale was founded in Paris, which was in the heart of the perfume industry. The founder of the Parfumes Montale brand turned his rich experience into luxurious perfumes for members of the royal family and aristocracy. After his return to Paris, he showed the French capital his unique oriental creations. He launched his first collection named Parfumes Montale in 2003.

Inspired by the beauties and hidden secrets of the Eastern world, Pierre Montale experimented with precious ingredients such as rose, incense, cedar, amber, and other precious types of wood and sweet spices, which were used by Arab perfumers. Men’s, woman’s, and unisex perfumes are made of high-quality natural raw materials, and thanks to their high concentration, fragrances, remain intensive and long-lasting. Love towards mystique Saudi Arabia and Eastern fragrances are present in every bottle of the Montale collection.

Oud - The wood of gods

On the range of most popular fragrances rises the spirit of the oud, keeper of tradition at the gates of the East. Agar tree is famous for its dark and aromatic resin, which is why it is called the wood of gods. Bewitched by the fragrant magic of the tree, Pierre Montale has become the first exporter of oud, in order to show the west this guardian of eastern tradition. The brand was proud to present its first perfume dedicated to this royal ingredient.

Every ingredient is inspired by Saudi Arabia, which is why the best materials are collected from the entire world to present the magic of the East in the best way. Parfumes Montale fragrances exude sophistication and exotic taste. Specially designed aluminum bottles keep the rich perfume formulation away from the sunlight. With perfume from their collection, you choose to be treated like a member of the aristocracy.


,,Because of oud, Montale are my favorite perfumes, even my whole family uses them.‘’Predrag Grbić, Beograd
,,Sophistication, elegance and quality - that's why I always choose Montale perfumes.‘’Darko Pavić, Niš
,,Montale are one of those scents that will make you recognizable wherever you are, and it will reflect your energy. It will make people to remember you by them. I have been using them since they appeared.‘’Dorotea Drašković

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