Perfumes created to send your soul on a unique olfactory journey

About Mancera brand

Mancera brand represents the unusual mixture of family knowledge and the wish to create luxurious perfumes. Internationally acknowledges perfume designer Pierre Montale founded niche perfume house Montale, and that is the moment when cooperation between father and daughter officially started. The father, enchanted with the culture and precious ingredients of the Far East enriched his skills with his daughter’s artistic talent. Amélie is a photographer, visual artist, and a perfume-lover, which were a big part of her childhood. Graphic design blends with olfactory design creating timeless perfumes.

The art in glass bottles

Mancera represents the fusion of West and East, the unpredictable journey to the past, and the vision of the future. The perfumes of this brand are made of noble and luxurious ingredients, rare and precious raw materials, and inspired by the passion for Art Deco design. The famous duo launched their first perfume in 2008 and hasn’t stopped surprising their customers worldwide ever since. The collections of male, female, and unisex perfumes were created to delight lovers of modern and oriental scent. Behind the Mancera brand, there is the wish to create the first brand that will enrich the West with the intensive and great ingredients of oriental perfumes.

Mancera gathers exclusively the most beautiful materials both for the perfume and the packaging aesthetics - oud, rose water, saffron, leather, coffee, and vanilla. Elegantly designed bottles match the luxurious fragrances. Glass bottles are made of high-quality glass in well-known colors of the brand - gold and black. French aesthetics of the packaging represents perfectionism, luxury, and style. Mancera perfumes are designed to be the whiff of France which you can carry with you wherever you go.


,,I have been using a single perfume for 14 years, and Mancera perfumes have led me to change my mind after so many years.‘’Tamara Ćosić, influencer
,,I adore Gold Intence because it is refined and contains my favorite fragrant notes - rose, violet and coffee. Perfect scent harmony.‘’Gabrijela Dabić, Beograd
,,I adore Mancera perfumes because they use citrus and every time I apply any of their perfumes I feel fresh and summery, regardless of the season.‘’Milena Nedić

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