General Terms and Conditions


Introductory provisions

Please read the General Terms and Conditions carefully before placing an order.


The General Terms and Conditions refer to using the internet shop of the Belodore ltd company, Belgrade-Zemun, located in Tošin bunar 54, reg. No. 21636355, VAT: 112254860, email (hereinafter: Seller) via website: (hereinafter: Website).


The General Terms and Conditions define the relationship between the Seller and e-commerce service providers at and you, our customer, and represent the essential part of every purchase contract concluded electronically.
We conscientiously apply an identical approach to all our customers and provide the same benefits, regardless of whether they are our customers or not. Therefore, the rules established in these General Terms and Conditions will apply and bind all our customers.
The stated General Terms and Conditions concern the first-place purchase of products in our e-commerce (via our website). The same conditions will apply to the purchase of products through the Customer Service under the same conditions.
By accessing the Website, the Customer confirms that he is familiar with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions and that he fully agrees with them. These General Terms and Conditions apply to each individual approach of each individual Customer.

The Customer confirms that he/she is of legal age or that, with the permission of his/her parents, he/she accepts all the conditions stated by the Seller on the Website, i.e., that he is legally capable of concluding a contract and placing an order through the Website.


Applicable provisions

The Seller has the right, at any time, if it is considered necessary, to cancel or change any of the terms of sale listed here, whose change will take effect immediately upon publication on the Website.


By continuing to use the Website after the changed conditions, it is considered that the Customer agrees with them and that the Seller will not be responsible for the possible consequences resulting from the changes.


If you do not agree with the changes, please do not use the Website and contact the Seller via e-mail: or phone +381/60-6447-189, in order to remove your data.


Sales contract

The sales contract can be concluded via e-commerce.
The contract can be concluded in Serbian and English by selecting the language option.
By ordering and sending the order through our website or with the help of the Customer Service, a proposal for a sales contract is created. The order will be processed within a 5-day period, while the confirmation of receipt of the order will be sent to your email.

The sales contract is considered concluded the moment when the Bidder receives an electronic message containing the Customer’s statement that he accepts the offer and confirms the receipt of acceptance of the offer to the Customer with a special electronic message.
The sales contract will then be executed by sending the ordered items. You will be notified by email when the package is sent.
The contract will be concluded in the Republic of Serbia and will be valid in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Serbia.


Ordering goods

The Customer may order the goods directly via the Website as an unregistered user or after completed registration. All purchases of registered customers are recorded, so the registered customer will eventually acquire the right to various benefits for future orders.
The Customer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the data entered during registration.


If there is any change in the data entered during registration, the Customer is obliged to update his user account as soon as possible or notify the Seller of the changes via e-mail:

The goods are ordered electronically by pressing the Add to cart option, which adds the selected product to the Customer's cart.


The Customer chooses the way of delivery and payment of the goods


The Seller reserves the right to, given the technical limitations relating to the measurement of stock in real-time, when selling through the Website and display the price of the item that is not in stock at the time of display, so the Seller does not guarantee the stock in each moment. The stock status is updated once every 24 hours, so you may order a product that has been sold out in the meantime. If this happens, you will be notified in a timely manner.



The Seller determines the prices of the goods independently, in accordance with its business policy, and reserves the right to change the displayed prices.
In accordance with the law, all listed prices include VAT but do not include the cost of delivery of goods to the Customer, which is charged extra.
Displayed prices of products and services are shown with VAT valid at the time of sending the order. In case the VAT rate changes before concluding the sales contract or before sending the goods, the Customer is obliged, taking into account the chosen method of payment, to settle any difference in the purchase price or the Seller will check with the Customer without delay whether he/she can charge more than purchase prices.
All displayed prices, including discounted prices, are valid until further notice or until stocks last.

The merchant reserves the right to refuse the conclusion of a sales contract or to sell the product to the customer if it is evident that the displayed price is disproportionate to the actual price of the product and that it is a clear error in price display resulting from a systemic error and/or human error.


Payment and delivery of goods 

You can choose the method of payment and delivery yourself. Before sending the order, you will be informed about the chosen method of payment and delivery, as well as shipping costs.


You can see the method of payment and delivery that we provide, as well as the delivery price here.


Complaints and return of goods

The Customer has the right to file a complaint to the Seller to the e-mail address: or in writing to the address Belodore d.o.o, Tošin bunar 54, 11080 Belgrade-Zemun,(you can download the complaint form (Complaint sheet) here) in the following cases:


  • delivery of goods that do not correspond to the ordered goods,
  • delivery of goods that have a defect or damage that did not occur during transport,
  • delivery of goods that have not been ordered.


All complaints are subject to the applicable Seller's Complaints Policy and the Consumer Protection Act.


The Customer is obliged to inspect the delivered goods immediately upon reception and to notify the supplier of any possible defects at once.


In case of returning goods and refunds to the customer who has previously paid using one of the payment cards, in part or in full, and regardless of the reason for the return, the seller is obliged to make the refund only via VISA, EC/MC and Maestro payment methods, which means that the bank will make a refund to the card holder’s account.


Withdrawal from a contract concluded via the Internet - remote contract

The Customer has the right to unilaterally terminate the Sales contract regardless of the reasons, within 14 days from the date when the goods were delivered to the address indicated by the Customer, and under the following conditions:


  1. that the returned goods are undamaged, unpacked, and unused,
  2. that no more than 14 days have elapsed since the delivery of the goods to the Customer (including non-working days),
  3. that the Customer has filled in and sent to the Seller the Unilateral Termination Form ( you can download form here ) to the following email address
  4. that the Seller has confirmed the receipt of the Unilateral Termination Form,
  5. that the Customer has packed the goods before transport in a way that prevents damage during transport,
  6. that they enclosed the documentation together with the goods and handed it over to the Customer upon delivery (cash invoice, delivery note, etc.),
  7. that the Customer bears the direct costs of returning the goods,
  8. that the Seller has confirmed the receipt of the shipment that meets the condition for a refund.


The address to which the Customer is obliged to return the goods without delay is Belodore d.o.o, with its registered office at Tošin bunar 54, 11080 Belgrade-Zemun.


If the Seller, within the concluded contract, sends the Customer an additional product free of charge ("gift" or tester), it is necessary to return that product as well. In this case, the Customer bears the cost of returning the goods.


Within 14 days of receiving the Unilateral Termination Form, the Seller will refund the amount paid to the account specified by the Customer in the Unilateral Termination Form, provided that he/she has the right to extend the payment deadline until the goods returned by the Customer are delivered.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, the seller is not obliged to reimburse additional costs resulting from the consumer's explicit request for delivery that deviates from the cheapest usual delivery offered by the trader.


The Customer has no right to withdraw from the contract in case of:


  1. provision of services, after the service has been fully performed if the provision of the service began after the explicit prior consent of the consumer and with his confirmation about knowing that he/she loses the right to withdraw from the contract when the trader fully performs the contract,
  2. deliveries of goods or provision of services whose price depends on changes in the financial market of which the trader cannot influence and which may arise during the withdrawal period,
  3. deliveries of goods manufactured according to Consumer’s special requirements or clearly personalized,
  4. deliveries of goods that are subject to deterioration of quality or have a short expiry date,
  5. deliveries of sealed goods which cannot be returned due to health protection or hygienic reasons and which are unsealed after delivery,
  6. delivery of goods which, due to their nature are inseparably mixed with other goods after the delivery,


Please note that you are legally responsible for any impairment of the goods as a result of handling the goods in a way other than necessary to familiarize yourself with the nature, characteristics, and functions of the goods (for example, if you continue to use the perfume after tried). In addition, please note that you do not have the right to withdraw from the sales contract in case the goods are manufactured in accordance with your special requirements or are customized and personalized goods (for example, engraving a personal name or packaging with personalized dedication) and goods which you have removed from the packaging and which cannot be returned to the same packaging for hygienic reasons (open cosmetic products and other products that come into direct contact with the skin).


Out-of-court dispute resolution

The buyer has the right to resolve his/her dispute out of court, if they previously file a complaint to the Seller in accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection.

In such a case, the Seller is obliged to participate in the out-of-court proceedings before the consumer dispute resolution body, if the consumer has submitted a proposal for such a resolution within one year starting with the date of filing the complaint to the trader.

According to the Law on Consumer Protection, the body for out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes is a natural person who deals with mediation and is registered in the body register before the ministry.

The procedure is initiated by a consumer proposal submitted to the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, directly, by mail or electronically.

Each party in the process of out-of-court settlement of the consumer dispute pays its costs (advocacy costs, travel expenses, etc.).

The consumer may give up further participation in the out-of-court settlement of the consumer dispute pending the completion of the proceedings.


Non-delivery of goods

The Seller reserves the right not to deliver the order at any time if there is a suspicion of abuse or violation of any of the General Terms. Suspicion of abuse or violation of any of the General Terms and Conditions or other provisions set out on the Website entails deleting the Customer from the Seller's database and disabling new orders.

The Seller further reserves the right not to deliver orders at any time if there is a suspicion that the delivery of the goods could endanger the physical or mental integrity of the person delivering the goods.



We strive to provide our customers with discounts and gifts. In each case, we will inform the customer about current discounts or gifts. Unless otherwise stated, each discount or gift certificate can be used once. Discounts cannot be combined unless otherwise specified.

Regardless of the registration in the registry of consumers who do not wish to receive calls and/or messages within the promotion and/or sale by telephone, the consent of the consumer for direct advertising given to the merchant before or after registering is valid until the recall, which is given in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection.


Sending free samples

We provide our customers with the service of sending free samples. We reserve the right to offer you the opportunity to receive a free shipment of samples of perfumes and other cosmetic products depending on the current offer, to try the products that we offer.
The selection of free samples is limited by our stock and current offer.
The purpose of the service of sending a free set of samples is to inform the customer about the current offer. Sending free samples are free services of an advertising nature and are not subject to effect under the sales contract. Therefore, disagreement with the sent sample is not a basis for exercising the right to terminate the sales contract or return the goods.

We provide any product, service, or sample to you for your personal use.
You cannot resell any product you receive from us.



By using any part of our site, filling out the registration, and/or ordering through the site, you agree to abide by the General Terms and Conditions.


Please look at our Privacy Policy, which explains our use of your information provided through our website.