Belodore Loyalty program

Join the Belodore Loyalty program and get a 10% discount on the purchase of your choice.


What benefits do you get with our loyalty card?

  1. When joining the Belodore Loyalty program, the customer receives a 10% discount as a welcome gift on the total amount of the purchase. In the store itself, the customer can choose when or which coupon to use, but is not obliged to use the welcome gift during the first purchase, but can use it during one of the following purchases.
  2. Range from 5% to 15% discount depending on the number of collected points. (read more information in the text below)
  3. If, as a member of the Loyalty program, you enter the valid date of birth during registration, you will receive a gift coupon worth a 30% discount on one selected product that you can use only in our retail stores.

    You can use the gift coupon up to 30 days from the birthday date.

  4. There is no limit to the number of uses of the Loyalty card.
  5. Information about new collections, promotions and discounts.

*Belodore Loyalty cards can be opened in all Belodore perfumeries and on the Belodore Srbija mobile application (available in the Play Store and App Store).



Terms of Use:


  1. When joining the Belodore Loyalty Program, the buyer can enjoy a reward for membership - a welcome gift worth 10% off their first purchase.
  2. The cardholder is entitled to use the loyalty discount by collecting 300 points, which are collected when purchasing at any Belodore ltd. store.
  3. For every RSD 120 spent per account, the member is entitled to 1 point, for all types of payments.
  4. The collected points cannot be exchanged for cash.
  5. The collected points allow the member to enter the higher discount level according to the following principle:
    • First level - accumulated minimum of 300 to 999 points - 5% instant discount at checkout
    • Second level - accumulated minimum of 1,000 to 1999 points - 10% instant discount at checkout
    • Third level - accumulated minimum of 2,000 points - 15% instant discount at checkout
  6. The points collected from the individual purchase are valid for the next 24 months from the date of that purchase and are then automatically deactivated (the newer points remain valid until the accounting period of 24 months expires), i.e. Each collected point is valid for 2 years from the day of purchase. The limit for determining the bonus is determined by the cumulative of all points at a given moment (points collected in the previous 24 months). Every time the limit changes (to a higher or lower level) the User will receive a notification.
  7. A Belodore Loyalty card user will be entitled to the discount for each purchase made at Belodore retail stores. The discount will not apply to items already on sale.
  8. Each user is entitled to one (1) Belodore Loyalty card.
  9. Any adult natural person can become a cardholder by filling out an application form at the Belodore retail store.
  10. Belodore has the right to collect, use, and process all the data specified in the application form, which is an integral part of the General Terms of Use of the Belodore Loyalty Card. Belodore, as the issuer of the Belodore Loyalty Card, is obliged to store personal information about Belodore Loyalty Card users, as well as transaction data, in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection (Official Gazette of RS No. 87/2018), i.e. that the data will be used for its needs in accordance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Serbia.
  11. Personal data is processed and stored for a period of 10 years from the date of application for the Belodore Loyalty Card, after which they are deleted from the database, except for the e-mail address of the applicant that will be processed and stored by Belodore until the recall of consent to the delivery of Belodore promotional offers to the user's e-mail address.
  12. Belodore owns the Belodore Loyalty card and reserves the right to withdraw the Belodore Loyalty card from use at any time and to partially and/or completely change the General Terms of Use of the Belodore Loyalty Card, with the obligation to display such notice in writing in all Belodore retail stores and/or on the website:
  13. Detailed information about processing your personal data can be found in a document called Privacy Policy. The privacy policy is an integral part of the Loyalty Access Agreement.
  14. Belodore Loyalty card is not a payment card and can only be used to achieve benefits in Belodore retail stores and retail stores of partner companies.
  15. Complaints, as well as answers to any questions related to the use of the Belodore Loyalty Card, can be obtained by sending a message to the e-mail address: or by calling the phone number +381/60-644-7189, on weekdays from 9-17h.
  16. Any unauthorized use, copying, or misuse will be sanctioned in accordance with the law and are followed with the permanent cancellation of the Belodore Loyalty card. Belodore Loyalty Card user is obliged to report the loss /theft/ and damage of the Belodore Loyalty Card to the e-mail:
  17. The user of the Belodore Loyalty Card agrees to the General Terms of Use of the Belodore Loyalty card voluntarily, without coercion, threat, delusion, and any defects of will, which confirms by hand-signed/confirmation on the admission and General Terms of Use of the Belodore Loyalty card.