Belodore – About us

Belodore celebrates art, creativity and unique experience. That's why our clients don't buy a product; they purchase art encapsulated in bottles of world-renowned niche perfumes.

Belodore has been synonymous with luxury and uniqueness since its creation in 2020. Belodore has expanded its presence to 6 countries so far: Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

Belodore - a place where the senses of scents enjoy luxury

Belodore represents the opposite of the commercial perfumes, making a different concept from the production of designed perfumes and their wide availability, which is a characteristic of niche perfumes. In its spacious stores, Belodore invites its guests to an impressive journey into the world of enchanting scents and irresistible beauty.

Belodore team consists of trained experts, who are contributing to the additional atmosphere in our perfumeries with their knowledge and kindness. The connection of prestige and art represents the synonyim for Belodore in the most beautiful way. Brands from London, Milan, Paris, New York have been carefully selected and with their elegant design adorns the shelves of our perfumeries.

Make a strong impression and do not make compromise. Find a favorite scent that will create magic in contact with your skin. Our oasis of art and scents are waiting for you. Visit Belodore stores and discover specific scents that exude with luxury, beauty and pleasure.