Ajmal Amber Musc - Uniseks parfemska voda

Ajmal Amber Musc - Eau de Parfum Unisex Fragrance

Ajmal Cashmere Musc - Uniseks parfemska voda

Ajmal Cashmere Musc - Eau de Parfum Unisex Fragrance

Ajmal Hatkora Wood - Eau de Parfum Unisex Fragrance


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W Series Hatkora Wood can easily be claimed as an object of perfumed art. Imbued with the highlights of citrus, Hatkora is a semi-wild species of citrus whose amazing perfume emanates from the oil of the fruits luscious peel. W Series Hatkora Wood guarantees using the finest Hatkora wild lemons sourced from Assam, Mizoram and Manipur for this fragrance. Hatkora Wood has a citrus fruity top note enhanced with hatkora, lemon and peach. Its heart beats with spicy floral strains of ginger, saffron, rose and lavender, whilst woody amber, agarwood, sandalwood, musk and ambergris fill its base.
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Brand Ajmal
Gender Unisex
Baza (base note) Agarwood, Amber, Ambergris, Musk, Sandalwood
Srce (middle note) Ginger, Lavender, Rose, cardamom pure jungle esse
Glava (top note) Lemon, Peach
Fragrance woody
Product type Eau de Parfum
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Founded by the Late Haji Ajmal Ali in the early 1950s – in Assam, India – the journey of Ajmal Perfumes is that of the story of ‘A Farmer to A Perfumer’. Thanks to late Haji Ajmal Ali’s vision and unstinting dedication to the craft of perfumery, Ajmal Perfumes has grown from a modest trading house into a multi-million dollar corporate entity. Today, Ajmal’s family-owned business – headquartered out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates – is steered by the passion of the second and third generation of Ajmals, each playing a key role in the brand’s development and growth. All in all, Ajmal Perfumes is a brand with a rich heritage acquired through almost seven decades of experience and know-how in the intricate art of perfumery. A true innovator and a pioneer in the creation to the marketing of perfume products to a global clientele, Ajmal takes great pride in the fact that, to date, all its fragrances have been conceived, created, developed and manufactured in-house.