Caron Tabac Blond - Ženska parfemska voda

Caron Tabac Blond - Eau de Parfum Woman Fragrance

Caron Rose Ivoire - Ženska parfemska voda

Caron Rose Ivoire - Eau de Parfum Woman Fragrance

Caron Pois De Senteur - Eau de Parfum Woman Fragrance


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"A historic creation where the luminous note of jasmine is exalted by the sweet facets of honey." Jean JACQUES, CARONs in-House perfumer A delicate flower with a rich scent: sweet peas have a complex, fresh and sweet fragrance. Like an impressionist painting, it recreates the subtle scent of its subject thanks to a myriad small touches and an exquisite ingredient duo: a jasmine absolute from Morocco with a light floral scent and a soft, round and enveloping note of honey. Jasmine, illuminated by the sunny radiance of ylang-ylang and the green accents of a daffodil absolute, imitates the fresh softness of petals. Their sweeter facets, brought by the honey, are further enhanced by cassia and orange blossom absolutes. Its superb perfume trail echoes the emotions that inspired its creator. This Pois de Senteur is the epitome of delicateness!
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Brand Caron
Gender Woman
Baza (base note) Vanilla
Srce (middle note) Orange blossom, Ylang Ylang
Glava (top note) Honey, Jasmin
Fragrance floral
Product type Eau de Parfum
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Caron was born from a singular vision. That of Ernest DALTROFF, an exceptionally open-minded man with unlimited curiosity and exceptional sensitivity. Having become a perfumer thanks to his love for flowers, he let his experience of the world inhabit his soul. As for Félicie WANPOUILLE, she was gifted with an extraordinary intuition. A new duo Even today, Caron vision opens the way for generous and singular creations driven by a stunning tandem: Ariane de ROTHSCHILD and Jean JACQUES. She’s a seasoned businesswoman and a tireless traveler and he’s an energetic designer, a talented perfumer, and a music fanatic. Two passionate spirits, curious about everything and fiercely independent…