M.Micallef Ananda - Ženska parfemska voda

M.Micallef Ananda - Eau de Parfum Woman Fragrance

M.Micallef Mon Parfum Pearl - Ženska parfemska voda

M.Micallef Mon Parfum Pearl - Eau de Parfum Woman Fragrance

M.Micallef Pure Extreme - Eau de Parfum Woman Fragrance


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PURE EXTREME combines the finest and rarest natural essences: transparent jasmine, rose and white musk, giving a floral-musk fragrance of refined elegance. It yields a delicate composition reflecting a world of tenderness and sensuality brought into focus by the exquisite shape of the perfume bottle.
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Brand M.Micallef
Gender Woman
Baza (base note) Amber, White musk, Woody notes, Worm wood, Yellow mandarin
Srce (middle note) Jasmine, pure milk, Ylang Ylang
Glava (top note) Gardenia, Rose, Yellow sand
Fragrance floral
Product type Eau de Parfum
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Founded in Grasse in 1996, the M. Micallef brand is now a signature in the world of high-end luxury perfumes. Driven by their individual passion and talents, Geoffrey Nejman and renowned ‘nose’ Jean Claude Astier, developed exceptional fragrances, while Martine Micallef, with her artistic flair, designed and developed a range of beautifully decorated bottles. The bejeweled collection, produced and decorated by hand, became an iconic work of art and perfume, seducing connoisseurs from all over the world.
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