KAJAL Joorie by Kajal - Ženska parfemska voda

KAJAL Joorie by Kajal - Eau de Parfum Woman Fragrance

KAJAL Lamar by Kajal - Ženska parfemska voda

KAJAL Lamar by Kajal - Eau de Parfum Woman Fragrance

KAJAL Jihan by Kajal - Eau de Parfum Woman Fragrance


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Jihan by Kajal is a Woody Spicy fragrance for woman, launched in 2018. Jihan, the Arabic name given to the beautiful crocus flower, is symbolic of cheerfulness, joy, youthfulness, and glee. The flower appears at the first sign of spring. The Jihan flower can be found in white, purple, and yellow. The purple Jihan is the most prized, and it reflects pride, dignity, and success. But it is the sacrificial aspect of Jihan that has captivated people for centuries: giving up something beautiful and valued for the sake of something else. The Jihan flower is sacrificed to give the famous threads that are used worldwide in cooking: saffron, one of the most expensive spices of the world.
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Gender Woman
Baza (base note) Musk, Oud, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla
Srce (middle note) Clove, Magnolia, Rose
Glava (top note) Apple blossom, pepper he
Fragrance spicy, woody
Product type Eau de Parfum
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Kajal Perfumes Paris is a fragrance house that was created out of the love of luxury perfumes and scents. The company is registered in Paris, France with marketing and product development offices located in Toronto, Canada. Sales and logistics offices are operated out of Dubai, UAE. The brand inspiration comes from the beauty world: kajal meaning kohl in the Indian culture - a natural product that protects and beautifies the eyes. Kajal also draws inspiration from the Arabic word khajal – modesty, humility and kindness in dealing with the people that surround us.
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