Casamorati Dama Bianca - Ženska parfemska voda

Casamorati Dama Bianca - Eau de Parfum Woman Fragrance

Casamorati Lira - Ženska parfemska voda

Casamorati Lira - Eau de Parfum Woman Fragrance

Casamorati Bouquet Ideale - Eau de Parfum Woman Fragrance


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Full of life, full of romance, Bouquet Ideale is an arrangement of powdery cashmere accord, enchanting vanilla and cinnamon, and the supreme touch of labdanum amber to deliver the picture of a dreamy breeze from the Mediterranean Sea where the smell of flowers floats and the rocky seashores are smothered by the warm sunshine. Bouquet Ideale embraces you with a cozy yet flamboyant, dreamy and powdery aura. An unforgettable dream on a romantic April night.
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Brand Casamorati
Gender Woman
Baza (base note) Coumarin, Labdanum, Musk, Tobacco, Vanilla
Srce (middle note) Amyris, Cedarwood, Guaiac wood, Papyrus
Glava (top note) Cinnamon, Nutmeg
Fragrance cashmeran, spicy
Product type Eau de Parfum
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Casamorati is a collection of vintage perfumes by Xerjoff group, inspired by the ancient art of Italian perfumery. The brand recreates the history of the glorious house of perfumes founded by Claudio Casamorati in Italy in the 19th century, with the intention of safeguarding the historical and artistic heritage of the glamorous art nouveau era.