Mancera Gold Prestigium - Uniseks parfemska voda

Mancera Gold Prestigium - Eau de Parfum Unisex Fragrance

Mancera Black Line - Uniseks parfemska voda

Mancera Black Line - Eau de Parfum Unisex Fragrance

Mancera Gold Intensive Aoud - Eau de Parfum Unisex Fragrance


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Mancera Gold Intensive Aoud - an aroma of precious wood complemented by flowers, musk, amber, a fresh touch of lemon, and a bit of spices. It wins the heart of everybody who appreciates true quality and enjoys the concept of merging the modern Western style with the best the Orient can offer. Itll always make you feel exceptional and luxurious.
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Brand Mancera
Gender Unisex
Baza (base note) Ambergris, White musk, Woody notes
Srce (middle note) Geranium, Guaiac wood, Rose petals, cardamom pure jungle esse, Teak wood
Glava (top note) Lemon, Water notes
Fragrance floral, oriental
Product type Eau de Parfum
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Mancera fragrances hold the secrets of the Orient, the endless desert, scorching sun, and timeless beauty. They are made with the most exquisite aromatic ingredients such as agar wood, precious resins, leather, or saffron. All Mancera perfumes will make you feel unique and indulgent. The brand was founded in 2008 in Paris as an initiative of Al Athar, one of the biggest fragrance distributors in the Persian Gulf area, making Mancera perfumes some of the most authentic scents for any admirer of oriental fragrances. Based on extensive experience, the owner of ""Al Athar"" asked a group of designers and perfumers, including Pierre Montale who is world famous for his Montale collection, to create a large-artistic perfume brand. Mancera perfumes differ deliberately from typical oriental fragrance brands. From the start the idea was to create intensive, highly concentrated perfumes with predominantly western appeal and some exceptional aoud fragrances. 

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