Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 - Uniseks toaletna voda

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 - Eau de Toilette Unisex Fragrance

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Escentric Molecules Escentric 04 - Eau de Toilette Unisex Fragrance

Escentric Molecules Molecule 03 - Eau de Toilette Unisex Fragrance


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Escentric Molecules Molecule 03 was constructed around single scent ingredient, or aroma chemical - vetiveryle acetate. It is an elegant and refined molecule with the woody, slightly grassy character of vetiver, but far smoother and softer. Acetylation also brings out the grapefruit touch in vetiver, giving a more pronounced bitter-fresh top note. The Molecule 03 fragrance is radically minimalist.
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Brand Escentric Molecules
Gender Unisex
Fragrance vetiver
Product type Eau de Toilette
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Escentric molecules were launched in 2006. by the perfumer Geza Schoen and they became an absolute worldwide phenomenon.

Their success lies in their totally unique composition, which is often built on the strength of a single component of the fragrance.

The key ingredient of these perfumes is Iso E Super aroma-molecule that does not exist in nature - it was created in laboratory in 1973. The fragrances are presented in binary pairs, with each pair exploring one aroma-molecule in two different ways.

Escentric molecules perfumes are highly unusual and long-lasting. They are made for people who like to find extravagant and original things.