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ETRO is the story of a family business that has become one of the most successful brands in the world of design, fashion, and perfumery. The Italian fashion house was founded by Gerolamo Gimmo Etro in 1968. After a trip to India where he had the opportunity to learn about various types of fabrics and patterns. The famous paisley or boho design, which is still primarily associated with this brand today, made a special impression on him. Inspired by India, Gerolamo founded a factory where he produced fabric and textiles. Bright colors and bold designs made the brand exceptionally popular. From the very beginning, the company was described by a new and dynamic spirit, elegance, and excellence, which helps it stand out from other brands in the same niche today. At the same time, the brand preserves and cherishes tradition - Indian heritage, Italian style, and way of making textiles.


The passion for fabrics, colors, and fragrances was inherited by the descendants of the founders, who enriched the company's business by producing clothing, footwear, accessories, and perfumes. Limitless creativity, attention to detail, and love of travel are woven into every product of this brand, especially in perfume collections. A radiant blend of oriental and clean scents was created with exceptional skill and art to remind you of the smells of distant lands and Italy.



Some fragrant creations are dominated by only one ingredient - amber or patchouli revived with cypress, orange, and bergamot, wrapped in the sensual flavor of vanilla, musk, white roses, ginger, sandalwood... ETRO perfumes are designed to become part of you and to express your personality and character. Perfume collections contain different notes, emotions, and essences, which awake your senses.


The variety of perfume scents and colors of bottles resembles an unusual picture book signed by ETRO. You won't even notice how designers toy with your eyesight by linking colors to meaning that excite your imagination and desire to own a perfume. ETRO connects all senses and emotions.




Another Belodore perfume has opened in Novi Pazar!

The new Belodore perfume store was opened on October 5, 2023, in Novi Pazar. Customers can expect a distinctive Belodore style, an impressive shopping experience in a pleasant environment, and a wide selection of the best niche perfumes and premium cosmetics.


New Kilian Liquors fragrances in Belodore store in Budapest

Kilian Liquors fragrances have arrived at our shops in Budapest. Sensational after-party fragrances that exude extravagance and bring a special mood are now available in Belodore shops in the capital of Hungary.


New Acqua di Parma Fragrances in Belodore Stores

New sophisticated fragrances of the famous perfume brand Acqua di Parma have arrived at our stores. From now on Acqua di Parma Yuzu and Acqua di Parma Camelia are available in Belodore stores in Serbia, Montenegro, and Hungary.


Most wanted Tiziana Terenzi Starfish Inspired Fragrances

The collection Sea Star Tiziana Terenzi draws the most attention both in Belodore perfumeries and on social networks. Fragrant magic in the amazing bottle entices both sighs and looks. The entire collection is inspired by starfish, and the very reason for creating the Sea Star collection lies in the birthday surprise.


Alexandre J – Art Deco Collection

Alexandre J is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Art Deco collection, and on this occasion, this brand is launching as many as 6 new sophisticated fragrance creations.