Brand of the Month


Perfume house Creed or House of Creed is an authentic, luxury brand dedicated to creating original, craft fragrances for both women and men, made of the finest ingredients and flavors that the world can offer.


Magic that lasts for centuries

The brand's history began in 1760. in London with "Royal English Leather" perfume made for Britain's King George III!

James Henry Creed, a tailor of exceptional skill, founded a perfume house, which created some of the finest garments and fragrances for royal and noble family members and citizens of exquisite taste. A 260-year-old tradition has transformed the family tailor shop into one of the world's leading niche perfume houses. No one is immune to fragrant creations, and the best evidence of that is the fact that Napoleon III demanded that the company move to Paris. From that moment on, Creed perfumes have been synonymous with royal luxury, originality, and authenticity.

Queen Victoria has named this particular perfume house as the one and only distributor of fragrance at the royal court and the perfume "Fleurs de Bulgarie" was created in her honor, and it is still available today. Fans of exclusive perfumes have always been members of the royal family, prominent politicians and actors such as Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, the Obama family, Kate Middleton, and a special copy of “Fleurissimo” was designed for Grace Kelly.


Rich heritage and perfumes of the future

"Our creations represent time travel, they are a bridge between generations because the past is the strength of our future," is how the Creed family describes its fragrant creations, whose rich heritage consists of timeless perfumes - "Green Irish Tweed," "Millesime Imperial," "Silver Mountain Water," "Spring Flower" and "Original Vetiver." “Virgin Island Water” and “Adventus” are widely regarded as art and perfection.

In the production process, the company still relies on traditional perfume methods, including a centuries-old infusion tradition, to ensure that each perfume is properly filtered and hand-labeled. The finest precious ingredients and rich sweetness offer a modern view of history and a clear future prospect.




Another Belodore perfume has opened in Novi Pazar!

The new Belodore perfume store was opened on October 5, 2023, in Novi Pazar. Customers can expect a distinctive Belodore style, an impressive shopping experience in a pleasant environment, and a wide selection of the best niche perfumes and premium cosmetics.


New Kilian Liquors fragrances in Belodore store in Budapest

Kilian Liquors fragrances have arrived at our shops in Budapest. Sensational after-party fragrances that exude extravagance and bring a special mood are now available in Belodore shops in the capital of Hungary.


New Acqua di Parma Fragrances in Belodore Stores

New sophisticated fragrances of the famous perfume brand Acqua di Parma have arrived at our stores. From now on Acqua di Parma Yuzu and Acqua di Parma Camelia are available in Belodore stores in Serbia, Montenegro, and Hungary.


Most wanted Tiziana Terenzi Starfish Inspired Fragrances

The collection Sea Star Tiziana Terenzi draws the most attention both in Belodore perfumeries and on social networks. Fragrant magic in the amazing bottle entices both sighs and looks. The entire collection is inspired by starfish, and the very reason for creating the Sea Star collection lies in the birthday surprise.


Alexandre J – Art Deco Collection

Alexandre J is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Art Deco collection, and on this occasion, this brand is launching as many as 6 new sophisticated fragrance creations.