DR Barbara Sturm Body Medium - Uniseks četka za telo

DR Barbara Sturm Body Medium - Unisex Brush

DR Barbara Sturm Body Soft - Unisex Brush


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Body Brush Soft Main Line Body sensitive Skin Regular exercise and a healthy diet contribute to smooth and toned skin. When combined with daily body brushing, it can help to combat cellulite. Pairing a dry brush with a nourishing moisturizer are two easy but fundamental steps to keeping your body skin healthy and glowing year round. The ANTI-CELLULITE BODY BRUSH opens your pores, and mechanically boosts your circulation, helping to increase localized blood flow and removal of toxins. Use on dry skin or when in the shower. Available in 2 versions – soft and medium. The soft brush is gentler and more suitable for skin that is sensitive to pressure. Start at your feet and brush upwards with slow clockwise strokes towards the heart. Legs – work from the front and back of your right foot towards your thigh and then your bottom. Arms – begin with your right hand and move onto your forearm to reach your lower and upper arm Stomach – massage your stomach by starting on the bottom right side and working upwards towards your ribs Repeat the above on your left side.
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Brand DR Barbara Sturm
Gender Unisex
Barkod 4015165335825
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Dr. Barbara Sturm believes that facial skincare regimes should be simple but yield maximum results. Her regime deploys ingredient science to focus on fundamental skin hydration, protection of the skin matrix and barrier function, and reducing irritation. She used her two decades of clinical, medical experience to create this powerful yet simple skincare regime that eliminates all unnecessary products and substances, focusing instead on quality and essential anti-aging and nutritional ingredients.