Welcome to Belodore Podgorica!

We will remember the year 2021 as the moment when we decided to go one step further and open the door to a new perfumery. We listened carefully to the wishes of our visitors and customers, whose trust encouraged us to share a passion for unique perfumes in another way. Welcome to Belodore Podgorica!


On July, 19th we opened a new niche perfume and cosmetics shop in Bokeška street 37. The rich history, impressive architecture, and beauty of Podgorica inspired us to open a new shop in the heart of the Montenegrin capital.


If you've had a chance to visit one of our perfumeries by now, you know it's a lavish scented oasis whose shelves contain some of the best and rarest perfumes in the world. Just like the most beautiful painting, products from our selection will paint magic on your skin using an invisible fragrant brush. We're waiting for you!